Ontario Cider Competitions


Sweet Cider
1st - Brantview Apples and Cider
2nd - Delhaven Orchards
3rd - Loughborough Orchards
Modern Craft Cider
1st - Thornbury Craft Company, Premium Apple Cider
2nd - Niagara Cider Company, No. 1 Dry Apple Cider
3rd - Ernest Cider Company, Ernest Cider Dry
Specialty Craft Cider
1st - Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery, Forbidden Hopped
2nd - Loch Mor Cider Company, Sour Cherry
3rd - Shiny Apple Cider, Shiny Apple Cider Pineapple Mango
Heritage/Traditional Craft Cider
1st - Loch Mor Cider Company, Kingston Black
2nd - West Avenue Cider Ltd, Heritage Dry
3rd - Georgian Hills Vineyards, Ardiel Apple Dry Cider

Event Cancelled

Event Cancelled

Sweet Cider
1st - Delhaven Orchards
2nd - Campbell’s Orchards
3rd - Bennett’s Apples and Cider
Common Craft Cider
1st - Apple Cider by Vieni Estates Winery & Cidery
2nd - Heeman’s Apple Cider
3rd - ‘Top Dog Cider’ by Hounds of Erie Winery
Specialty Cider
1st - ‘Dog House Hard Cider’ by Hounds of Erie Winery
2nd - ‘Thornbury Cranberry Apple Cider’ by Thornbury Village Cider House
3rd - ‘Wassail’ by Two Blokes Cider

Sweet Cider
1st - Spirit Tree Estate Cidery
2nd - Brantview Apples & Cider
3rd - Delhaven Apples & Cider
Common Cider
1st - Best in Show, Hounds of Erie Winery
2nd - Ardiel Dry Cider, Georgian Hills Vineyards
3rd - Hex Press Dry Cider, Two Blokes Cider
Specialty Cider
1st - Strawberry Craft Cider, Heritage Estate Winery & Cidery
2nd - Tart Cherry Cider, Ironwood Hard Cider
3rd - Wild Blueberry Elderflower Cider, Thornbury Village Craft Cider & Beer

Sweet Cider
1st - Bennett's Apples
2nd - Campbell's Orchards
3rd - Al Ferri & Sons
Common Cider
1st - Hounds of Erie - Top Dog
2nd - Twin Pines Cider - Hammer Bent Red
3rd - Bonnieheath Farm - Folkin' Hard Fresh Apple
Specialty Cider
1st - Bonnieheath Farm - True Blue Apple Blueberry Lavender Cider
2nd - Blueblerry Hill - Fighter Cider
3rd - Thornbury Village Cidery & Brewery - Cranberry Cider