Ontario Cider Competitions

Ontario's Finest Sweet Apple Cider

OFVC is pleased to present the Sweet Apple Cider competition featuring producers from across the province. Entries must be made with 100% Ontario grown apples. Judging is provided by a group of industry experts and is open for OFVC participants to watch and learn. The top three products are rewarded with plaques with the 1st place winner receiving the exclusive bragging rights to the claim "Ontario's best sweet cider" for a year!

Competition is open to Ontario businesses only.

See the Competition Registration page for more information.

Ontario's Finest Cider Competition

OFVC is pleased to present the Cider competition featuring Ontario cider businesses from across the province. A commercial producer for the purpose of this competition is considered a producer with a manufacturer's license issued by Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). Entry specifications:

  • Made from 100% Ontario grown apples (exclusive of added ingredients in the specialty category)
  • Carbonated (either naturally or artificially will be accepted)
  • Alcohol content between 4 – 7%
  • Residual sugar between 10 – 50 grams/litre
  • PH 3.3 – 3.8

Ontario's Finest Cider competion allows for entries in two different categories: Common cider and Specialty/Flavoured Cider.

Competition is open to Ontario businesses only. Registration is required to enter this competition and limited to the first 15 entries. Registration ends at the end of January.

Past Winners

Sweet Cider
1st - Delhaven Orchards
2nd - Campbell’s Orchards
3rd - Bennett’s Apples and Cider
Common Craft Cider
1st - Apple Cider by Vieni Estates Winery & Cidery
2nd - Heeman’s Apple Cider
3rd - ‘Top Dog Cider’ by Hounds of Erie Winery
Specialty Cider
1st - ‘Dog House Hard Cider’ by Hounds of Erie Winery
2nd - ‘Thornbury Cranberry Apple Cider’ by Thornbury Village Cider House
3rd - ‘Wassail’ by Two Blokes Cider

Sweet Cider
1st - Spirit Tree Estate Cidery
2nd - Brantview Apples & Cider
3rd - Delhaven Apples & Cider
Common Cider
1st - Best in Show, Hounds of Erie Winery
2nd - Ardiel Dry Cider, Georgian Hills Vineyards
3rd - Hex Press Dry Cider, Two Blokes Cider
Specialty Cider
1st - Strawberry Craft Cider, Heritage Estate Winery & Cidery
2nd - Tart Cherry Cider, Ironwood Hard Cider
3rd - Wild Blueberry Elderflower Cider, Thornbury Village Craft Cider & Beer

Sweet Cider
1st - Bennett's Apples
2nd - Campbell's Orchards
3rd - Al Ferri & Sons
Common Cider
1st - Hounds of Erie - Top Dog
2nd - Twin Pines Cider - Hammer Bent Red
3rd - Bonnieheath Farm - Folkin' Hard Fresh Apple
Specialty Cider
1st - Bonnieheath Farm - True Blue Apple Blueberry Lavender Cider
2nd - Blueblerry Hill - Fighter Cider
3rd - Thornbury Village Cidery & Brewery - Cranberry Cider