Sessions Schedule Day 2

Thursday, February 22

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Session Room Map - 2nd Floor

Room 207-208 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Rebecca Shortt, OMAFRA
Sponsored by:

9:30 Limiting Risk and Improving Tree Health Using Protective Netting in Apple Orchards
Dr. Lee Kalcsits, Washington State University, USA

10:00 How Should Fruit & Veg Growers Respond to Hail and Severe Storms?
Mark Longstroth, Michigan State University, USA

10:30 Considerations for Drainage on Fruit and Vegetable Farms
Daniel Lenko, Lenko Farms and Drainage Contracting

11:00 Navigating through the Future of Extreme Weather in Southern Ontario
Jerry Shields, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Ballroom A (Main Floor)
Chair: Kristy Grigg-McGuffin, OMAFRA
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9:30 Apple Tree Collapse in Ontario: What We Know and Don't Know
Michael Celetti, OMAFRA

10:00 Pheromone-Based Monitoring and Management Tools for the Invasive Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
Dr. Tracey Leskey, U.S. Department of Agriculture, USA

10:30 Biological Control of Invasive Insect Pests in Apples
Dr. Tara Gariepy, Agriculture Agri-Food Canada

11:00 Panel: Adapting to Cope with the Minimum Wage Increase
Luis Ruiz, Algoma Apple Orchards Ltd.
Bill Medel, E&B Medel Orchards Ltd.
Richard Feenstra, Mountainview Orchards

2:00 Best Management Practices for Pollinators in Orchards
Dr. Julianna Wilson, Michigan State University, USA

2:30 The Growth Physiology of Apple Fruit Affects Postharvest Quality
Dr. Luca Corelli Grappadelli, University of Bologna, Italy

3:00 Achieving Long Term Storage Success for Honeycrisp in Washington
Dr. Ines Hanrahan, Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission, USA

3:30 Integrated Nutrient Management: Horticultural Strategies to Control Bitter Pit in Honeycrisp Apple
Dr. Lee Kalcsits, Washington State University, USA

Room 201-202 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Elaine Roddy, OMAFRA
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9:30 Management of Soil Borne Diseases
Elaine Roddy, OMAFRA

10:00 Grafting Tomatoes and Cucurbits: Benefits and Challenges
Dr. Frank Louws, North Carolina State University, USA

10:30 A Melon Mix of Specialty and Cantaloupe Types
Dr. Jonathan Schultheis, North Carolina State University, USA

11:00 Reduced Tillage for Pumpkins and Squash
Dr. Anu Rangarajan, Cornell University, USA

Room 204 (2nd Floor)
Chairs: Michael Celetti and Hannah Fraser, OMAFRA

2:00 Slowing Down the Tread Mill: How to Manage Insecticide-Resistance in Ontario Vegetable Pests
Dr. Ian Scott, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

2:30 Insects, Insecticides and Hormesis: Evidence and Considerations for Study
Dr. Chris Cutler, Dalhousie University, NS

3:00 Developing Resistance Management Strategies for Fungicides
Dr. Kerik Cox, Cornell University, USA

3:30 How IPM Contributes to Fungicide Resistance
Dr. Janna L. Beckerman, Purdue University, USA

Ballroom D (Main Floor)
Chair: Alix Aitken, Cambridge Farmers' Market

9:30 Building Stronger Relationships with Better Communication
Tracy Lamb, Ashaki Inc.

11:00 Severe Weather Safety Tips for Your Market
Geoff Coulson, Meteorological Service of Canada

1:30 Consumer Demand for Transparency at Market (CBC Marketplace Episode & MyPick Connection)
Moderator: Michelle Wolf, Whole Green Heart, NS
Panelists: Peter Hughes, Peterborough Farmers' Network
Erin McLean, Lakefield Farmers' Market
Wayne Chalmers, North Bay Farmers' Market
John Finlay, MyPick Verifier

Room 203 (2nd Floor)
Colleen Haskins and Christine Card, OMAFRA

9:30 Assessing Risk at Your Operation
Sarah Martz, OMAFRA
Peter Van Weerden, OMAFRA

10:00 The SQF Code and Environmental Monitoring Programs: Requirements, Compliance and Auditors
Frank Schreurs, SQF Institute, USA

10:30 Microbial Safety in the Postharvest Environment
Dr. Ines Hanrahan, Washington Tree Fruit Commission, USA

11:00 Implementing an Environmental Monitoring Program
Elvira and Michael Koteles, New Road Farm & Koteles Farms Ltd.
Jennifer Manary, Sandy Shore Farms Ltd.

Port Colborne Lounge (2nd Floor)
Chair: Wendy McFadden-Smith, OMAFRA
Sponsored by:

9:30 Managing Grapevine Leafroll Virus: A New Zealand Perspective - Part I
Dr. Vaughn Bell, New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Limited

10:00 Epidemiological and Management Aspects of Grapevine Virus Diseases in British Columbia
Dr. Sudarsana Poojari, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

10:30 California's Strategy for Managing Red Blotch
Joshua Puckett, Foundation Plant Services - University of California Davis, USA

11:00 Managing Grapevine Leafroll Virus: A New Zealand Perspective - Part II
Dr. Vaughn Bell, New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Limited

Afternoon Chair: Jim Willwerth, CCOVI

2:00 Vineyard Mechanization in Washington State
Richard Hoff, Mercer Canyons, USA

2:30 Mechanization of Early Leaf Removal in Pinot Grigio and Merlot
Josh VanderWeide, Michigan State University, USA

3:00 New Product Updates
Norgen Biotek Corp., ISK BioSciences, FMC Canada, Dow/Dupont, CertisUSA, Nufarm Agriculture Inc.

3:30 Washington Grape Industry Update
Richard Hoff, Mercer Canyons, USA

Room 205 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Todd Leuty, OMAFRA

2:00 Hazelnut Cultivar Performance Update
Dr. Adam Dale, University of Guelph

2:30 Ferrero: Locally Grown Hazelnuts
Barb Yates, Ferrero Canada

3:00 Current Needs for the Ontario Hazelnut Industry
Linda Grimo, Ontario Hazelnut Association

3:30 New Orchard Development
Sara Rowland and Mark Brown, Athena Acres

Room 204 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Kristen Obeid, OMAFRA

9:30 Molecular Herbicide Resistance Tests in Horticultural Crops
Dr. Martin LaForest, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

10:00 Confirming Herbicide Resistance in Weeds: The Importance of Using Dose Response for Development of Quick Tests
Dr. Robert Nurse, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

10:30 Linuron Resistant Common Ragweed in Québec Carrot Fields: Presence and Distribution of Different Biotypes
Dr. Marie-Josée Simard, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

11:00 Help Us Help You: Knowing Your Enemy Will Help You Win the War
Kristen Obeid, OMAFRA

Room 207-208 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Robb Wagner, OMAFRA
Sponsored by:

2:00 Labour Efficiency? Or Efficient Labour?
Garth Baxter, Agribax Global

2:30 How to Assess a Labour Saving Technology
John Molenhuis, OMAFRA

3:00 Measuring and Benchmarking Labour in Horticulture
John Van de Vegte, OMAFRA

3:30 Incorporating Croptracker on the Farm
Matt Deir, Croptracker

Room 201-202 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Viliam Zvalo, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

2:00 From Global to Local: New Crop Opportunities for Market Gardening
Dr. Viliam Zvalo, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

2:30 Managing Insect Pests in a Diverse Vegetable Cropping System
Dr. Gerald Brust, University of Maryland, USA

3:00 Season Extension for Ontario Market Gardens: Fertility, Varietal and Pest Considerations
Judson Reid, Cornell Cooperative Extension, USA

3:30 Grower Panel: Successes and Challenges with Managing a Market Garden
Sarah Judd, Meadow Lynn Market Garden
John Zekveld, Zekveld's Garden Market

Ballroom C (Main Floor)
Ballroom C (Main Floor)
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Ballroom B (Main Floor)
Chair: Kristin Ego, Ego's Garden Centre and Farm Market

10:00 The Soft Skill Salsa (Why Emotional Intelligence Matters for Entrepreneurial Success)
Geoff Crane, Adaptimist Insights

10:30 Mental Wellness Panel
Christy Hiemstra, Clovermead
Briana Hagen, University of Guelph

11:30-12:30 Hitting the Energy Wall: Tips to Fuel Your Day
Marian Statham, True Life Nutrition

2:00 Ideas from the Big Apple: Foodie Tour Debrief
Karen Whitty, 13th Street Winery

2:30 Creating an On-Farm Outlet for Your Beer
Joris Cambie, De Plukker Hop Farm Brewery, Belgium

3:00 Resurrecting Murphy's Market & Bakery
Hollis English, Murphy's Market and Bakery

Room 206 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Evan Elford, OMAFRA

2:00 Pawpaw 101
Dr. Kirk Pomper, Kentucky State University, USA

2:30 Insect and Disease Pests of Pawpaw
Jeremy Lowe, Kentucky State University, USA

3:00 Processing Pawpaw
Sheri Crabtree, Kentucky State University, USA

3:30 Ontario Pawpaw Monitoring in 2017 and Product Taste Testing
Evan Elford, OMAFRA

Room 205 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Hannah Fraser, OMAFRA

9:30 Minimizing Risk to Bees in Fruit and Vegetable Crops
Dr. Julianna Wilson, Michigan State University, USA

10:00 Integrating Pollinator Habitat into Your Farming System
Sue Willis Chan, Farms at Work

10:30 Strategies to Reduce Pollinator Exposure to Pesticide
Dr. Jason Deveau, OMAFRA
Hannah Fraser, OMAFRA

11:00 Pollinator Projects
Margaret May, Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association

Room 206 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Sarah Marshall, OTFG
Sponsored by:

9:30 The Impact of Postharvest Cooling on Sensory Profile of Ontario Peaches
Dr. Amy Bowen, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

10:00 Ingredients for a Mechanized, Labour-Efficient Pear Orchard: Training Systems, Rootstocks, and Horticultural Techniques to Manage Tree Vigour
Dr. Todd Einhorn, Michigan State University, USA

10:30 From the Physiology of Peach Fruit Growth to Applications in Precision Fruit Growing
Dr. Luca Corelli Grappadelli, University of Bologna, Italy

11:00 New Stone Fruit Varieties
Dr. Bill Shane, Michigan State University, USA

Room 203 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Deanna Nemeth, OMAFRA

2:00 Wash Water Management: Where to Start?
Tim Brook, OMAFRA

2:30 On-Farm Wash Water Management: Lessons Learned in Holland Marsh
Charlie Lalonde, Holland Marsh Growers Association

3:00 Managing Wash Water on Farm Through Drip Irrigation
Katie Gibb, Enviro Stewards
Rebecca Shortt, OMAFRA

3:30 Evaluation of Wash Water Treatment Options
Gurvinder Mundi, University of Guelph