Sessions Schedule Day 1

Wednesday, February 20

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Sessions Day 2
Session Room Map - 2nd Floor
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Ballroom A (Main Floor)
Chair: Erica Pate, OMAFRA
Sponsored by:

9:30 Mustard as a Pre-Plant Cover Crop
Charles Gray, 4 Corners Farm, USA

10:00 Labour Efficiency - Different Motivation and Remuneration Techniques
David Lemire, Jasmine Sauvé, Ferme Horticole Gagnon

10:30 Tips for Delivering Quality Berries to Buyers
Dr. Elizabeth Mitcham, University of California-Davis, USA

11:00 New Products for Berry Crop Protection
Representatives from Biosafe, Bayer, FMC, Syngenta

Afternoon Chair: Kevin Schooley, BGO
Afternoon session sponsored by:

2:00 How to Give Your Transplants the Best Chance of Survival
Charles Keddy, Keddy Nursery Inc.

2:30-3:30 Panel: Harvest Management and Logistics
Charles Gray, 4 Corners Farm, USA
Dave Klyn-Hesselink, Fenwick Berry Farm
Dusty Zamecnik, EZ Grow Farms
Dave VanDeVelde, Wholesome Pickins

3:30 Fitting New Herbicides into your Berry Weed Management Program
Kristen Obeid, OMAFRA

Room 204 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Robb Wagner, OMAFRA

9:30 Making Money with Your Pen
Margaret May, OSCIA

10:00 Decreasing Burden, Maximizing Sustainability
Nick Betts, Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform

10:30 Taxation Update
Rick Wismer, MNP

11:00 Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management: Benefits of a DRC Membership
Anne Fowlie, Fruit and Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corporation

Room 203 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Chair: Rebecca Shortt, OMAFRA
Sponsored by:

1:00-4:00 Develop You Farm Specific Drip Irrigation Schedule
1. Farm Water Requirements: Crop peak flow and annual water requirements
2. Plant Water Requirements: System operating time and schedule for various crop growth stages
3. Preferred Irrigation Scheduling Tools and Techniques

Bring a calculator and a pencil.

Ballroom D (Main Floor)
Chair: Jay Howell, Brantview Apples & Cider

9:30 California Certified Farmers' Market Program
Gail Hayden, California Farmers' Market Association, USA

10:30-11:30 How Special Events can Grow your Brand and Make $$$
Tess Van Den Bosch, Night Market, Junction Farmers' Market
Noella Rinaldo, Applefest, Urban Park Market

11:30-12:00 In Recognition of FMO Excellence

2:00-3:00 Rising from the Ashes: Rebuilding Your Farmers' Market
Rachelle Richard-Collette, Bouctouche Farmers' Market, New Brunswick

3:00-4:00 Market Success and Challenges in Nova Scotia
Justin Cantafio, Nova Scotia Farmers' Market Co-operative

4:00-4:45 FMO Activities and Annual General Meeting

Room 203 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Christoph Kessel, OMAFRA
Sponsored by:

9:30 The Challenges of Applying Foliar Nutrients
Dr. Abdel El Hadrami, OMEX Agriculture Inc.

10:00 Boron: Fact and Fiction
Wendall Boehlje, 20 Mule Team Borax, Rio Tint, USA

10:30 Foliar Nutrient Products: Which to Choose
Dr. Abdel El Hadrami, OMEX Agriculture Inc.

11:00 Foliar Fun Facts
Christoph Kessel, OMAFRA

Room 207-208 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Margaret Appleby
Sponsored by:

2:00 How to Manage Hard to Control Weeds in Grapes
Kristen Obeid, OMAFRA

2:30 Precision Vineyard Management
Dr. Kaan Kurtural, University of California-Davis, USA

3:00 Canopy Management Techniques to Improve Fruit Quality and Reduce Rot in Vinifera Cultivars
Dr. Paolo Sabbatini, Michigan State University, USA

3:30 The Italian Grape and Wine Industry: Role of Breeding for Innovation
Dr. Enrico Peterlunger, University of Udine, Italy

Ballroom C (Main Floor)
Chair: Evan Elford and Dr. Melanie Filotas, OMAFRA

9:30 Environmental Impacts on Hop Cone Quality
Evan Elford, OMAFRA

10:00 Pest Management and Cone Quality
Dr. Melanie Filotas, OMAFRA

10:30 Post-Harvest Methods for Optimal Cone Quality
Alex Adams, Cedar Hop Farm, Harmony Agricultural Services, and Processing Consultant, MILocal Hops, USA

11:00 Ontario Processor Perspectives: What Do We Need to Do to Improve Cone Quality?
Brandon Bickle, Valley Hops
Curtis VanQuaethem, VQH Farms & Kinglake Farms
Nicolas Schaut, Bighead Hops
Scott Hayhoe, Hayhoe Hops

Ballroom B (Main Floor)
Chair: Steve Martin, Martin's Family Fruit Farm

9:30-10:30 Create a Farm Website that Sells
Charlotte Smith, 3 Cow Marketing, USA

10:30-11:30 Keeping Track of your Employee Hours
Al Kinsella, Barrie Hill Farm
Shannon Miller, Miller's Bay Farm

11:30 OFFMA's AGM

2:00-3:00 The Causey Farm Story – On-Farm Events
Angela Murtagh, Causey Farms, Ireland

3:00-4:00 Content & Branding: Making First Impressions that Last
Jenna Champagne, Murphy's Farm Market and Bakery

4:00 Round Table Talks
Coordinated by: Leslie Forsythe, Forsythe Family Farms

Port Colborne Lounge (2nd Floor)
Chairs: Kelly Ciceran, OAG and Kristy Grigg-McGuffin, OMAFRA
12:30 - 4:00
Room 206 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Mary Jane Quinn, OMAFRA

9:30 Panel: Winners and Losers of Cider Specific Cultivar Trials in Ontario
Derek Plotkowski, University of Guelph
Dr. Darby McGrath, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

10:00 Juice Composition for Hard Cider Production: Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen and Foliar Fertilization
Derek Plotkowski, University of Guelph

10:30-11:30 Panel: Current Examples of Contracting Apples for Cider in Ontario
Nick Sutcliffe, Pommies Cider
Brock Puddicombe, Puddicombe Cider Company
John Ardiel, Ardiel Cider House

Room 201-202 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Elaine Roddy, OMAFRA
Sponsored by:

9:30 Fruit Rots of Pumpkins and Squash
Dr. Sally Miller, Ohio State University, USA

10:00 Soil Management Strategies for Intensive Vegetable Rotations
Dr. Kate Congreves, University of Saskatchewan

10:30 Insect Pests of Sweet Corn: Trapping, Identification and Management Options
Marion Zuefle, Cornell University, USA

11:00 Nutrient Cycling in Vegetable Crops
Dr. Kate Congreves, University of Saskatchewan

Room 207-208 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Kathryn Carter, OMAFRA

9:30 Soil Health
Anne Verhallen, OMAFRA

10:00 You Say You Want a Revolution? Well, You Know High Density Peaches Could Save the Orchard
Dr. Greg Lang, Michigan State University, USA

10:30 Achieving Consistent High Quality Pears
Dr. Stefano Musacchi, Washington State University, USA

11:00 Improving Labour Efficiency Grower Panel and Reducing Production Costs
Doug Darling, Sunnydale Farm
Kai Wiens, Kai Wiens Family Farm Ltd.
Brett Schuyler, Schuyler Farms Ltd.

Room 206 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Peter Vanweerden, OMAFRA
Sponsored by:

2:00 Safe Food for Canadians Regulations
Jeremias Cull, CFIA

2:30 Post Harvest Handling Tips for Peaches and Pears: Insights from California
Dr. Elizabeth Mitcham, University of California-Davis, USA

3:00 The Biology and Management Options for Thrips in Stone Fruit
Dr. Brett R. Blaauw, University of Georgia & Clemson University, USA

3:30 Out of this World New Fresh Grape Varieties
Dr. Amy Bowen and Michael Kauzlaric, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

Room 204 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Hannah Fraser, OMAFRA

2:00 Reality Bytes: Detecting Plant Diseases with Aerial Photography is Harder Than it Looks
Dr. Mary-Ruth McDonald, University of Guelph

2:30 Sterile Male Releases for Control of Insect Pests
Dr. François Fournier, Collège Montmorency

3:00 Is There a Place for RNAi in IPM Programs for Insect Pests?
Dr. Cynthia Scott-Dupree, University of Guelph

3:30 Refining Pheromone-Based Monitoring and Attract-and-Kill Tools for Native and Invasive Fruit Pests
Dr. Tracy Leskey, USDA-Agriculture Research Service, USA

Ballroom C (Main Floor)
Chairs: Jason Deveau, Evan Elford, David Lauzon, OMAFRA
2:00 - 4:00
Sponsored by:
Room 201-202 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Dennis Van Dyk, OMAFRA

2:00 Weed Control in Carrots
Dr. Clarence Swanton, University of Guelph

2:30 Integrated Weed Management Without Linuron Herbicide
Dr. Jed Colquhoun, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

3:00 Stacked In-Row Cultivation Tools Improve Weed Management and Tool Selectivity in Carrots
Dr. Dan Brainard, Michigan State University, USA

3:30 Potato Weed/Vine Management and Cover Crop Mulches for Weed Control in Organic Vegetable Production
Dr. Jed Colquhoun, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Room 205 (2nd Floor)
Chair: Erin Panek, OMAFRA

9:30 The Role of Macromolecules on Red Wine Stability and Astringency
Dr. Matteo Marangon, University of Padova, Italy

10:00 Tannin Alert- Update
Dr. Belinda Kemp, CCOVI

10:30 Building Body: Tannins and Structure in Red Wines
Dr. Anna Katherine Mansfield, Cornell University, USA

11:00 Soil Type Impact on Aromatics
Dr. Belinda Kemp, CCOVI
Dr. Jim Willwerth, CCOVI

Afternoon Chair: Belinda Kemp, CCOVI

2:00 Wine Fining with Plant Proteins
Dr. Matteo Marangon, University of Padova, Italy

2:30 Feed your Yeast: The Importance of YAN
Dr. Anna Katherine Mansfield, Cornell University, USA

3:00-4:00 LCBO Sparkling Wine Trends
Carolyn O'Grady-Gold, LCBO