Research Poster Display

About the Poster Display

Each year, OFVC is proud to host the research poster display located just inside the main entrance to the trade show.

The goal of this display is to highlight research on fruit, vegetables and alternative crops in Ontario. Posters are displayed for both days of the convention, allowing growers and members of the ag-industry to see the excellent work being done in support of the many commodities they grow.

The OFVC Poster Session is an effective venue for researchers, industry and extension specialists to present new information pertinent to Ontario's horticultural industry. Posters that present results from research trials, including pest management, crop production, new cultivars, and opportunities for marketing Ontario horticulture are welcomed. Keep in mind that the audience is predominantly comprised of growers and consultants. Avoid technical language or jargon so that everyone can make the most of the information. Both student and regular submissions are welcome in this category. Posters should approximately be 120cm x 90cm (48" x 36") in either portrait or landscape orientation. Please do not bring oversized posters.

Student Poster Display

The long-standing Student Poster Competition features student research conducted in the field of horticulture. The event offers students an opportunity to showcase their work to their target audience, compete for cash awards and to publish their posters online. In 2019 the competition will be limited to the first 20 applications so please get your forms in early. In addition to free conference admission, prizes are as follows:
1st Prize – $500
2nd Prize – $300
3rd Prize – $200

Deadline for submissions is February 1, 2019.

Call for Posters Flyer
Download the Student Poster Application Form

Student Poster Entries

Name University/College Affiliation Poster Title Author(s)

Abigail Wiesner

University of Guelph

Diagnostic assessment of fruit and nut injury caused by the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Abigail Wiesner, Hannah Fraser, and Cynthia Scott-Dupree

Erika DeBrouwer

University of Guelph

The effect of hexanal on fruit drop, fruit quality and bitter pit in 'Honeycrisp' apples

Erika DeBrouwer, Gopinadhan Paliyath, J Alan Sullivan & Jayasankar Subramanian

Eden Gerner

University of Guelph

Diversity and Abundance of Wild Bee Populations in Summer Raspberry

Eden Gerner, Hannah Fraser, Nigel Raine

Matthieu Bodin

Brock University

The effect on skin and seed tannin concentrations in sparkling wine red grapes from the timing and severity of leaf removal.

Matthieu Bodin, Belinda Kemp*, Judah Campbell, James Willwerth and Debra Inglis.

Umbrin Ilyas

University of Guelph

Less is more when growing onions and carrots


Sara M. Stricker

University of Guelph

Defence against Stemphylium leaf blight

S.M. Stricker, B.D. Gossen, and M.R. McDonald

Caitlin MacDonald

University of Guelph

Annuals and perennials causing a buzz

Dr. Sarah Jandricic, Caitlin MacDonald, Lauren Vanderlingen, and Rodger Tschanz

Nicolas Querques

University of Guelph

New Cider Horizons for Ontario Apple Production: Ice Cider Prospects - Crabs and Cider Cultivars - Harvest Mechanization

Nicolas Querques

Tina E. Simonton

University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus

Potential for cultural control of bacterial spot (Xanthomonas gardneri) in field tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) in Ontario

T. Simonton, Dr. Robinson, Dr. Gillard, Dr. Jordan, Dr. Trueman

Serge Levesque

University of Guelph

Controlling Pathogens in Greenhouse Irrigation Water through Electrochemical Processes

Serge Levesque, Mike Dixon, Thomas Graham, Dorin Bejan, Jamie Lawson & Ping Zhang

Leah Blechschmidt

University of Guelph

Drivers of wild pollinator abundance and diversity in Ontario apple orchards

Leah Blechschmidt (1), Hannah Fraser (2), Nigel Raine (3)

Ivan Cicanovski

University of Guelph

Plant it and forget it - maximizing yields through monitoring and automation

Ivan Cicanovski, Nicolas Querques, Joseph Querques

Daniel Bayley

University of Guelph

Growing Parameter Optimization for Yield and Quality of Romaine Lettuce in a High Density Controlled Environment Hydroponic System (Vertical Farm)

Daniel Bayley

Alexandra Stinson

University of Guelph

24 carrot magic: Altering seeding date to mitigate carrot weevil damage on carrots at the Holland Marsh

Stinson, A., Muldoon, D.B., McDonald, M.R., Scott-Dupree, C.

Dillon Brian Muldoon

University of Guelph

Berm Baby Berm: Assessing natural enemy and pest populations on berm enhancements in the Holland Marsh, Ontario.

Muldoon, D.B., Stinson, A., McDonald, M.R., Scott-Dupree, C.