Ontario Berry Growers Association

Berry Growers Program

The Berry Growers of Ontario (BGO) is a provincial organization, which represents blueberry, raspberry and strawberry growers by funding industry promotion and research activities.

BGO is having their annual general meeting February 19, 2019, followed by the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention (OFVC) Feb 20-21, 2019. These three days will be full of pest management, production and marketing information to help berry growers succeed in the 2019 season. Scientists and berry experts are joining the BGO to share their experiences and research results on a variety of issues and opportunities, including managing strawberry anthracnose and viruses, labour management, innovative production practices and different marketing strategies.

The BGO program is divided into two days. The first day is held Tuesday, February 19 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Niagara Falls. The second day, Wednesday, February 20, is part of the OFVC sessions held at the Scotiabank Convention Centre, Niagara Falls. Please note OFVC sessions require the purchase of a registration package.

DAY 2, Wednesday, February 20, 2019 (Scotiabank Convention Centre)

Day 1, Tuesday, February 19, 2019 (Embassy Suites Hotel)

BERRIES, Embassy Suites Hotel

9:00 Introduction and Welcome

9:10 Grower Profile, La Ferme Horticole Gagnon
David Lemire, La Ferme Horticole Gagnon, Trois-Rivières, QC

9:55 Comparing Alternative SWD Monitoring Techniques
Hannah Fraser & Erica Pate, OMAFRA

10:10 Biology and Management of Cyclamen Mite
Justin Renkema, AAFC

10:40 Crop Adapted Spraying in Bush Berries: A Highbush Blueberry Case Study
Jason Deveau and Brandon Falcon, OMAFRA

11:25 BGO Berry Price Survey
Kevin Schooley, Berry Growers of Ontario

11:40 The Berry Outlook from a Retailers View
Pat Gilbert, Loblaws

12:15 Lunch BGO Annual Meeting

Afternoon sessions divided into 2 tracks: Marketing and Production

2:00 Food Bloggers- Integrating Social Media and Traditional Media Outlets
Kelly Ward, Foodland Ontario

2:30 Agriloco- a Food Finding Service
Pete Fraser

3:00 New Facebook Rules (to optimize reach)
Kelly Ward, Foodland Ontario


2:00 Advanced Berry Fertility
Friedhelm Hoffman, Lakeside Grain and Feed

2:30 Long Cane Raspberry Production- What Is It?
Erica Pate, OMAFRA

3:00 Miscanthus, Switchgrass and Wheat Straw Comparison
Mahendra Thimmanagari, Erica Pate, OMAFRA

3:30 Round Table Discussions
1. Using New SWD Traps on Your Farm, Hannah Fraser & Erica Pate, OMAFRA
2. BYO Fertility and Soil Tests, Christoph Kessel, OMAFRA
3. Growing Miscanthus and Switchgrass for Strawberry Mulch, Mahendra Thimmanagari, OMAFRA
4. Using Advanced Berry Fertility on Your Farm, Friedhelm Hoffman, Lakeside Grain and Feed

5:00 Adjourn

7:30 Hospitality Suite